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USD 397 Centre School District · 2382 310th Street · Lost Springs, KS 66859
Centre School · 2374 310th Street · Lost Springs, KS 66859

About Centre

Centre School District USD 397

The Centre School District was established in 1958 and is a rural community consisting of 400 square miles along the scenic Flint Hills of Kansas. It is comprised of the six communities of Lincolnville, Lost Springs, Ramona, Tampa and Pilsen located in Marion county and Burdick in Morris county. The district's locations is ideally located, about an hours drive from the center of several larger cities including Salina, Manhattan, Emporia and Wichita. The K-12 building is located on a 25-acre tract off Hwy 77, two miles north of Lincolnville.

Most of the district patrons are involved in farming and ranching or services related to the agricultural business community. They are hard-working and support their local school through attendance and participation in school and community-sponsored events.

Centre has been on the cutting edge of creating an engaging learning environment for students. People have come from across the state to visit our little school in the middle of the wheat field to see what "could be" for students and to get ideas for student engagement, which includes: 

      - Small class sizes, teachers that care and help prepare students for life after graduation;
      - Technology driven, one-one Apple laptop initiative for middle and high school, iPads and iPods for            elementary students; 
      - Strong emphasis in Project-Based Learning, which includes a student run coffee shop "The Centre          Perk", podcasting, iHigh livestream;
      - Character education;
      - Vibrant Leadership Team and Teachers;
      - MTSS
      - Consolidation to one school building;

Centre also houses the Kansas OnLine Learning Program which is a virtual learning environment that allows non-traditional students a way to earn their high school diploma or work on furthering their education in an at-home setting. 

September 02, 2014 Breakfast: September 2014 Breakfast SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Menus subject to change 1 Labor Day No School 2 Breakfast Pizza Yogurt Fruit Milk 3 Pancake Syrup Sausage Link Fruit Milk 4 Poptart Cereal Choice Fruit Milk 5 Donut Fruit Milk 7 8 Pancake on a Stick Cereal Choice Fruit Milk 9 Sausage Biscuit Fruit Milk 10 Breakfast Pizza Yogurt Fruit Milk 11 Pancakes Syrup Fruit Milk 12 Poptarts Cereal choice Fruit Milk 14 15 Banana Bread Fruit Milk 16 Breakfast Bites Cereal Choice Fruit Syrup Milk 17 Biscuit & Gravy Fruit Milk 18 Breakfast Pizza String Cheese Fruit Milk 19 Poptart Cereal choice Fruit Milk 21 22 Sausage Biscuit Fruit Milk 23 Breakfast Pizza Yogurt Fruit Milk 24 Pancake Syrup Fruit Milk 25 Poptart Cereal Choice Fruit Milk 26 Donut Fruit Milk 28 29 No Classes Staff Development 30 Sausage Biscuit Fruit Milk
September 02, 2014 Lunch: September 2014 Lunch SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Menus subject to change 1 Labor Day No School Burdick Labor Day 2 Stromboli Garden Salad Baby Carrots Summer Fruit Salad Garlic Breadstick 9-12 Fruit Milk 3 Nacho Grande Refried Beans Broccoli Fruit Salsa Cookie 6-12 Milk 4 Turkey & Cheese Sub Green Leaf Lettuce Tomato Slice Yogurt 9-12 Baby Carrots Watermelon Milk 5 Beef Pattie Mashed Potato & Gravy Broccoli Roll & Jelly 6-12 Mandarin Orange Milk 6 7 8 Chicken Tetrazzini Tossed Salad Steamed Carrots Fresh Garlic Bread Peaches Milk 9 Hamburger Green leaf lettuce Tomato Slice Tri-Tator Red Bell Pepper Fresh Kiwi Cherry Crisp 6-12 Milk 10 Beef & Noodles Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Green Beans Blueberry Oat Muffin 6-12 Grapes Milk 11 Baked Chicken Drumstick Savory Rice Broccoli Cauliflower Roll & Jelly Pineapple Milk 12 Sloppy Joes Chips 9-12 Sweet Potato Puff Pear Baked Beans Milk 13 14 15 Pork Rib on a Bun Green Leaf Lettuce Tomato Slice Sweet Potato Puffs Pears Brownie Milk 16 Taco Soup Corn Chips & Salsa Broccoli Banana Milk 17 Corn Dog Green Beans Fresh Apple Slices Potato Wedges Snickerdoodle 9-12 Milk 18 Chicken Quesadilla Tortilla chips w/ black Bean & corn Salsa Refried Beans Fresh Clementine String Cheese 9-12 Milk 19 Cowboy Cavatini Seasoned Peas Garden Salad Roll & Jelly 6-12 Fruit Cocktail Milk 20 21 22 Hamburger Green Leaf Lettuce Tomato Slice Sweet Potato Fries Strawberries & Bananas Milk 23 Chicken Nuggets Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Tossed Salad Roll & Honey 6-12 Mandarin Oranges Milk 24 Chili Crackers Celery & Cucumbers Orange Smiles Cinnamon Roll Milk 25 Pepperoni Pizza Corn Broccoli Grapes Milk 26 Macaroni & Cheese Meatballs Seasoned Peas Baby Carrots Sliced Bread & Jelly 9-12 Apple Salad Milk 27 28 29 No Classes Staff Development 30 Chicken Wrap Romaine lettuce Tomatoes Spanish Rice Corn Fruit Milk
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