Centre Forensics Club

Forensics has long meant the art of speechmaking and oral presentation. Forensics clubs give students the opportunity to speak effectively. They can choose their own material, sometimes opting for poetry or their own speeches. They also can select an approach: being informative or persuasive.

  • Members
    Abigail August 11
    Kate Basore 10
    Tyler Bentz 12
    Meghan David 10
    Nathaniel Engler 12
    Whitney Gutsch 12
    Katie Marler 11
    Grace Peterson 10
    Taylor Peterson 12
    Emily Schlesener 10
    Carissa Shields 12
    Barrett Smith 12
    Shania Svitak 12
    Abigail Svoboda 12
    CJ Thompson 10
    Kristin Vinduska 12
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  • Sponsor

    Jennifer Montgomery