COVID-19 Updates

March 21, 2020


Public Information from Centre USD 397:


In accordance with guidance issued from Governor Kelly’s office on March 17, 2020 concerning the closure of school facilities and the issuance of KSDE task force guidance for continuous learning, the last days of this week were spent planning for the safety of students and staff, discussions concerning the delivery of nutrition and educational services, along with resources needed.  Thank you for your patience and understanding of the challenges we are seeking to address for our school community.

Communication platforms for obtaining school information and contact with administration, grade and class teachers:

§  School website:

§  Social media:  Facebook page and Twitter; text messaging, push notifications, teleconference, phone conversation, and teacher office hours.  Teachers will contact parents/students to provide information and develop preferred communication format.

Safety (Physical):

#1) Facilities:

·      As required, the week of March 16 thru March 20, Iserve staff cleaned all school facilities and buses with disinfectant state approved chemicals, TB-Cide Quat and BNC-15.

#2) Precautions adopted for entrance to school facilities:

·      Anyone entering buildings SHALL have their temperature taken, required to be below 100.4 degrees, and monitor for symptoms including coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath. 

·      A travel screening SHALL be completed by all individuals before entrance:

o   Anyone traveling out of state are recommended to contact the local Marion County Health Dept. office for guidance.

o   Anyone traveling out of state to a hotspot SHALL be asked to self-quarantine at home for 14 days.

#3) Practices required of all entering buildings:

·      Required to use hygienic practices handwashing, use hand sanitizer, cough into elbow.

·      Meet in small groups no more than 10 individuals and no less than 6 ft. apart.

·      No grouping in office, in tight locations.

·      Use email and electronic communication methods for meeting.

Food Service (Nutrition) & Delivery:

1)    Meals are free to all individuals, ages 1-18 yrs.

2)    Complete food service survey sent out this week, or contact Francie Mueller at or at 785-983-4304

3)    Delivery at rural addresses or at locations in each of the 6 communities:

§  Burdick – outside the Methodist Church;

§  Lost Springs – near the front of the post office;

§  Ramona – in front of the post office;

§  Tampa – outside the community building;

§  Pilsen – the church parking lot;

§  Lincolnville – outside the community building

Meals will be marked by family name and delivered from the door of the bus to individual families.  Please maintain space from pickup door and one another.

Return of Student Property and School materials:

·      A plan and date for pickup of student property is in the development stages.

o   Tentative plan:

1)    This week teachers will select materials to be sent home for students to work from during the next weeks;

2)    Support staff will empty lockers and bag up all student items;

3)    Learning materials, including electronic materials, will be added to bags of student items (for expediency of delivery of all items to go home);

4)    Bags will be grouped by family members;

5)    A curbside pickup date will be scheduled by the end of the week;

6)    Parents/Students will drive up and bags will be delivered to vehicles.

Continuous Learning Plan:

·      Teachers will work this week to create a plan for the delivery of education to each grade. 

·      We will follow state guidance and provided instruction accordingly to keep it simple.

·      Teachers will communicate, with students and parents, a recommended learning schedule, remote learning objectives and materials, and describe how they will measure work completion, etc.

Thank you for your support and regard for Centre USD 397, staff, students, and communities.  We are working to support the needs of all, and we appreciate your partnership with us.

Please contact me with questions and concerns by email at:

Susan Beeson, Superintendent