Centre Athletics

To our Centre Cougar Sports Family,

Throughout this pandemic, it has been unpredictable in both our school and community. This summer has looked extremely different from what other summers have previously looked like. One thing has remained constant keeping students and staff safe. 

The recent delay has caused people to possibly wonder why we delayed practices and weights. This was due to waiting to see what the Governor and State Board of Education would say about restarting school along with activities. In conjunction with cases rising in Marion County the idea was to keep all stakeholders safe. On Wednesday, July 22 KSHSAA came out with various guidelines on how to conduct a sports season with the pandemic. All of these considerations will be difficult to institute throughout the fall sports season. KSHSAA will be surveying superintendents to see when start dates of school will be so they can possibly adjust their schedule accordingly. Our administrative team will also be meeting to help determine what is best for students and staff in regards to protocols for athletics. The status of the fall sports season seems to change each day.

As of now, the fall sports season will be occurring but it will look extremely different than in years past. For now, practices and weights will be reopening on Monday July 27 to help prepare student athletes for the upcoming fall season. Football and volleyball camps for middle and high school will also be occuring on August 3-7 in the evenings. All rules and regulations will be followed and enforced. Practices are still scheduled to begin on August 17th. As your students return to athletics please know the risk that exists for the student in contracting the virus whether at a game or practice. Please also make sure to get your physical, consent to treat, and concussion forms in by August 17th if planning to participate. Please email if you have any questions!

Thank You for your understanding and cooperation during this difficult time.

Mr. Timothy Vinduska, Athletic Director