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School Supplies 2022-2023

 Students should bring the following supplies to school. Please use a permanent marker to label all items with your child's name.

Preschool –  Small pillow and blanket (if staying all day), gym shoes (Velcro only), pencils (2), markers (8 count broad and fine), plastic school supply box, vinyl folder (1), 24-count crayons, large glue sticks (6), Crayola or Prang watercolor set, spiral notebook (100 page), paper towels (1 roll), Clorox wipes (1), Kleenex (1 box), Play Doh (4 cans), scissors (child size), 1-inch binder and sheet protectors for binder, water bottle (dishwasher safe), extra pair of clothes.

 Kindergarten – school bag, #2 pencils (box), large pink eraser (2), blunt-tip scissors, small bottle of Elmer’s glue, glue sticks (8 small), Play-Doh cans (4 unopened), 16-count crayons (2 boxes), Crayola washable markers (1 box), Crayola colored pencils (1 box), Kleenex (2 boxes), plastic school supply box, sandwich-size baggies (box), pocket folder (2), Clorox wipes (1), gym shoes, kindergarten rest mat, headphones (not ear buds).

 1st Grade – #2 pencils (5), large pink erasers (2), large glue sticks (2), large box of Kleenex (1), 16-count crayons, scissors, plastic folder, zip-lock baggies (gallon size), Clorox wipes (3), book bag, gym shoes, headphones, school box.

 2nd Grade – #2 pencils, large eraser, large glue stick (2), glue, box of Kleenex (3), 24-count crayons, colored pencils, box of markers, book bag, pointed scissors, spiral notebook (wide lines) (1), composition notebook (1), heavy 2-pocket folder (1), gym shoes, watercolors (2), highlighter, water bottle. No 3-ring binders and no school boxes.

 3rd Grade – #2 pencils, large eraser (2), large glue stick (2), box of Kleenex (2), crayons, colored pencils, markers, pointed scissors, Elmer’s glue (large), highlighter (1), book bag, 70-page wide-lined spiral notebook, pocket folders (2), notebook paper wide-lined (2 pkg.), 1” 3-ring binder, zip-lock bags (quart and gallon size), headphones, Clorox wipes (2), gym shoes.

 4th Grade – Backpack/book bag, PE shoes, deodorant (as needed), headphones or earbuds, #2 pencils (25 and replenish when needed), one-subject wide-ruled notebooks (3), two-pocket folders (4, without prongs), composition notebook (1), 24-count crayons (or bigger), washable markers (8-count or bigger, wide or thin, 1 pkg), colored pencils (1 pkg., any size) erasers (as needed), Kleenex (2 boxes), Clorox wipes (1), paint shirt (any old shirt).

 5th Grade – #2 Ticonderoga pencils (pkg. of 12), large pink eraser (3), colored pencils (pkg. of 12) , scissors, ruler, composition notebook wide-ruled (4), pocket folder (1), glue 4 oz. (2), glue sticks 0.28 oz. (12), Expo markers (1 pkg), pocket tissue packs (3 pkg.), 24-count crayons, washable markers (8-count), highlighters (pkg. of 4),  earbuds or headphones (1), small pencil box, gym shoes.


6th - 12th – Box of Kleenex (3) and Clorox wipes (3), please turn in to the school office

 General Supply Suggestions – 3-ring binders, notebook paper, spiral notebooks, pencils, erasers, pens (blue, black, and red), dry erase markers, highlighters, post-it notes-small/medium, earbuds/headphones

6th, 7th, 8th Math – pencils.

6th, 7th, 8th English – composition notebooks (2), 1” blue binder, highlighters (4 different colors), pocket folder (2, blue), Post-its, glue sticks.

9th - 12th English – composition notebook or spiral notebook, 1” red binder, post-its, glue sticks, scissors, highlighters.

Social Science – poster paper.

Science – pencils, ruler, scissors.

Business – pens/pencils, notebook paper, headphones/earbuds, calculator.

Ag – 1” 3-ring binder and tabs, pencils, pens.

Shop – safety glasses, welding gloves, pliers

PE/Athletics – shoes, athletic shorts (fingertip or longer), t-shirts (no tank tops), socks and deodorant.

NOTE: Students are required to wear gym shoes when participating in physical education class or recess. Parents are asked to provide gym shoes that have non-marking soles.