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My Credentials

High School:
Southwestern Heights High School

Kansas State University BS Agricultural Journalism
Kansas, Newman College BS Education
32+ graduate professional development hours.

Teaching Experience:
8 years Council Grove High School
2 years Butler Co. Community College
8 years Centre High School

  • Classes

    Biology, the science of life, involves the study of all living things. It includes the study of the microscopic structure of single cells. It also includes the study of the global interactions of millions of organisms. It includes the study of the life history of individual organisms as well as the collective history of all organisms.

    Forensic Science focuses on practicing forensic science and analyzing physical evidence found at crime scenes. The fundamental objective is to teach the basic processes and principles of scientific thinking so as to apply them to solving problems. These problems will involve numerical data, evidence, uncertainity and logical reasoning.

    Health education assists students in maintaining and improving health not only during the teen years but as a lifelong activity.

    Advanced Biology is a laboratory-based course designed to introduce students to the science processes, skills and understandings related to a wide range of biological topics which will be covered more in-depth than in the introductory course of Biology.  Important skills to develop throughout this course include microscopy, graphing and measurement, identification of research questions, making connections, and the ability to be a self-directed learner.

    On-Line Class Credit Recovery is an in-school opportunity to enroll in on-line classes to earn credit for classes not previously passed. All work will be completed on line through the Kansas On-Line School.

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  • Daily Schedule

    1st Hour:  Plan

    2nd Hour:  Adv. Biology

    3rd Hour:  CSI Science

    4th Hour:  Biology

    5th Hour:  Biology

    6th Hour:  7th Health

    7th Hour:  On-Line Credit Recovery

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