Food Menus

April Elementary Breakfast
April Elementary Lunch

April Junior High Breakfast
April Junior High Lunch

April High School Breakfast
April High School Lunch

There will be substitutions toward the end of the year.  Here is the first one:

April 28: Pepperoni Calzones instead of the Parmesean Chicken Sandwich

May Elementary Breakfast
May Elementary Lunch

May Junior High Breakfast
May Junior High Lunch

May High School Breakfast
May High School Lunch


May 1:  Lasagne instead of Hamburger Mac & Cheese
May 12:  Fish Sandwich instead of Peanut Butter & Jelly
May 15:  Sloppy Joe instead of Pizza Grilled Cheese
May 17:  Meatloaf instead of Roasted Pork
May 18:  Chicken Tortilla Soup instead of Chili
May 19:  Philly Cheese-steak instead of Parmesan Chicken Sandwich