The requirements of the regular school program shall receive first consideration in the use of school facilities. School-related organizations shall have priority over non-school related organizations.

No charge for use of facilities will be made to 4-H, Young Farmers, Centre Booster Club, extension, adult education groups, in-district religious youth organizations, and other organizations approved by the Board of Education as long as the function is non-profit and non-athletic.

Any organization or group that desires to use any portion of the facilities for money-raising must have Board of Education approval. Fees will be determined by the Board. Kitchen facilities are not available to non-school groups unless arrangements can be worked out with the head cook of that particular kitchen. Organizations are expected to reimburse the head cook in accordance with the normal wage rate as set by Centre U.S.D. No. 397 for the time involved in the use of the aforementioned facilities. The head cook will be responsible for supervision of the kitchen while it is in use.

Building use for memorial services will be limited to those that require a large capacity facility and should not interfere with the regular class day. Only closed casket services will be approved.

Application for use of school facilities by non-school related groups shall be presented to the building principal one (1) day in advance during regular school hours, and by noon on Friday for weekend use. The key must be picked up at the principal’s office and a permit form signed by the person responsible. An authorized, named individual will be responsible for proper care of facilities.

Gymnasium facilities for athletic events will be available at Centre High School only at a rate of $5.00 per hour with the maximum not to exceed $15.00 per event.

Any organization or group using facilities of the district will comply with the following rules:

  1. Unless permission is granted specifically to use the building until a later time, the building must be vacated by 10:30 p.m.

  2. The person making arrangements for use of the building shall be responsible and liable for the property and all persons entering the building which they are using, regardless of whether or not all those entering are members of the group which has been permitted to use the building.

  3. Smoking, use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, and disorderly conduct is prohibited in all school buildings and property. No food or drink is allowed in the gym unless approved by the Board of Education.

  4. Charges as listed in this policy must be paid and key returned to principal’s office on the following day or on Monday immediately following weekend use.

  5. Organizations using the buildings and facilities must be supervised by an adequate number of adult sponsors to assure proper care and use of school property.

  6. Moving and adjusting scenery, securing lighting effects, operating public address systems, and similar matters will be accomplished under the direction of an employee of the Board of Education.

  7. The person making arrangements for use of school facilities must be a patron of Centre U.S.D. No. 397. Fifty percent (50%) of the participants must be patrons of the Centre district.

  8. The organization and the person in charge is responsible for cleaning and leaving all contents of buildings as they were before entering the building.

  9. The person in charge of the organization is responsible for locking all windows and doors and turning off all lights.

  10. Non-school athletic tournaments will not be held in school facilities.

  11. All non-participants and spectators must be supervised by an adult.

  12. All participants shall bring and wear shoes exclusively for gym use that have not been worn outside.

  13. No school equipment shall be used.

  14. The Board of Education may, at any time it thinks best, refuse to open any and all school buildings for any or all purposes.