Kansas Online Learning Program (KOLP)

KOLP is an online public school open to all full-time kindergarten through 12th grade students living anywhere in Kansas. The program is provided through Centre School District and is tuition free for Kansas families. KOLP also offers an Adult Learning Program that is open to all Kansas residents who have not received their high school diploma.

Students enrolled in the KOLP receive:

  • A computer

  • Online books for designated courses

  • An assigned Student Learning Advocate (SLA)

  • Educational enrichment and social activities

  • Innovative, personalized education plan

Kansas Online Learning ProgramThe Kansas Online Learning Program (KOLP) offers innovative, effective educational experiences utilizing state-of-the-art technology; an interactive and engaging curriculum provided by Lincoln Learning Solutions and Edgenuity; and the guidance and support of highly qualified, Kansas certified teachers.

Lincoln Learning Solutions for grades K-5 is an interactive and engaging standards-based curriculum that combines multimedia with comprehensive offline activities. Students enrolled in Little Lincoln will complete lessons that are designed to stimulate the minds of all types of learners in the areas of math, reading, writing, social studies, science, and visual arts. The daily lessons can be completed at each student's own pace.

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