Attention Seniors: All scholarships are listed on the Google Doc that I have invited you to. Please share this with your parents for there are many important dates listed. I also emailed you MANY of the scholarship links.

When filling out scholarships remember to check your spelling and grammar! Write NEATLY or find the fillable document online and TYPE, if writing use INK!

Don't forget that you have an extra resource Career Cruising! It can be VERY HELPFUL in linking you to specific scholarships for the career you wish to pursue as well as by the college you have chosen to attend. If you need help navigating through this ask your seminar teacher or myself and we will get you up and going!

Here is a link to a scholarship guide that you will find very helpful in the scholarship process:

Scholarship search websites:

Step 1: Register at these sites to send you scholarships that fit your future directly to your email!

Here are links to websites with multiple scholarship opportunities: