Reminder of updated schedule for tonight’s HS basketball games at Herington: Varsity girls will play at 7:00 followed by varsity boys. JV boys will play 1/2 game starting at 7:00 in the Middle School gym. Please see the school Facebook page for Friday and Saturday's schedule.
31 minutes ago, Trevor Siebert
Safe travels to and from Tampa for all of our Centre students, parents, and patrons heading east this week. We can't wait to hear the stories!
about 19 hours ago, Larry Geist
Good afternoon, This is just a reminder that the Christmas Concert originally scheduled for this evening has been postponed until Tuesday, December 13th at 2:00 PM in the main gym. Thank you, and have a great evening.
about 19 hours ago, Larry Geist
The schedules at Herington have changed please take note! Thanks!
about 22 hours ago, Timothy Vinduska
Centre STUCO is in need of help! We have concessions on Friday, December 2 during our first home basketball games vs. Wakefield. Many of the STUCO members play or cheer, so we would LOVE community help. The funds raised through STUCO support activities for ALL STUDENTS and are used directly within our school for activities such as fall and winter homecoming, Back-to-School night, All-School Christmas Bash, etc. Please sign up using the link:
6 days ago, Kim Kroupa
Due to there being a Junior High game on December 12, 2022, we are moving the Board of Education Meeting from 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.
7 days ago, Marianne Kohman
Hillsboro Christmas Storywalk
7 days ago, Melissa Barton
Christmas Storywalk flyer
Parents/Guardians, with a lot of possible absences coming up for appointments, hunting season or work, here is a reminder of the policy concerning the ability to participate in practices or games: Students must be in attendance from the beginning of second hour until the end of the school day on a game/event day in order to participate in after school or evening events. Appointments such as doctor, dental, and other medical health are excusable with proper documentation of the visit on that day. Exceptions may be made with administration for extenuating circumstances. *Games/events* include, but are not limited to, practice, games, dances, clubs’ events, pep band, etc. Absences such as hunting and working for family will be approved for attendance purposes if the school is notified prior to the absence. However, if they are not in attendance at school, they cannot practice, play, or participate in events. This also pertains to absences due to illness. They must be in attendance at the start of second hour until the end of the school day to be able to practice or play.
8 days ago, Trevor Siebert
Here are the events for this week! Good Luck to our HS BB athletes who begin their season this Friday at home!
9 days ago, Timothy Vinduska
Butter Braid pick up is for the students/families that sold them. It is then your responsibility to get the items to the people who bought from your student! --
14 days ago, Larry Geist
Butter Braid pick-up is from 4:00-5:00 today at the school. All breads come frozen so if you aren’t able to make that time frame please arrange for someone to pick them up for you or contact Chelsey Antoszyk or Amy Carlson. We sold 599 products. Way to go Cougars!!!!--
14 days ago, Larry Geist
Because of the large number of students and staff experiencing health issues, the decision has been made to cancel school at Centre for tomorrow and Tuesday, in the hopes that everyone will get healthy over Thanksgiving break. We currently have about 50 students and around a dozen teachers and staff out with upper respiratory issues and fever and we know of at least six students who have been diagnosed with Influenza A. The junior high basketball games with Hope scheduled for tomorrow will be rescheduled at a later date. Please take care of yourselves and your families and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
16 days ago, Larry Geist
Parents and Guardians, We sent 15 students home today that were vomiting. Some had a fever but not all of them. We had 12 students that were home sick today that didn't come to school, so we have a major bug going around. I spoke with the Marion County Health Department today and she said students who are vomiting, have a fever, or diarrhea need to stay home for 24 hours after their last episode with no medication. This is extremely important to keep the bug from spreading to other students and staff. Please follow this rule! We have students who return to school the day after we send them home. This exposes everyone at school and only makes things worse for everyone else. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
19 days ago, Larry Geist
There has been a time change for the JH Basketball games tonight at Peabody. The girls JV will begin at 4 followed by 2 quarters of boys' JV followed by the girls and boys varsity games. They are doing a rolling schedule so the games will start immediately following the completion of the first game. Please be careful.
19 days ago, Larry Geist
Free virtual parenting classes.
19 days ago, Melissa Barton
2022-2023 Parenting Classes Growing Family Connections Flyer Virtual Class
The junior class students on the field trip to Topeka today will return back to school a little after 4:00 this afternoon due to a mechanical issue with the bus. We will transport any students home if needed.
20 days ago, Larry Geist
BLOCKFEST! Join Marion County PAT and Head Start Preschools for some BLOCKFEST fun! NOVEMBER 18TH 6:00-7:30PM & NOVEMBER 19TH 10:00-11:30AM At Marion City Library Santa Fe Room
20 days ago, Melissa Barton
Blockfest Flyer
900 S.W. Jackson Street, Suite 102 Topeka, Kansas 66612-1212 (785) 296-3201 11/14/2022 Dear Robert Diepenbrock: Congratulations, KSDE has reviewed the (SY Previous Range) Indicator 11: Initial Evaluation data submitted for Centre D0397 and determined the data was 100% compliant in all regulatory areas of this review. KSDE appreciates the effort and time your team devoted to this important process. We value your continued efforts toward improving the outcomes for Kansas students. Sincerely, Bert Moore, Director Special Education and Title Services Congratulations to our two Special Education teachers Amy Pagenkopf and Megan Wheeler on this great accomplishment!
22 days ago, Larry Geist
Tomorrow (Tuesday) is picture re-take day. If you were not satisfied with the pictures your student took the first time, or if they were gone the day of the pictures, please let the office know and we will get them taken again tomorrow. Thanks
22 days ago, Larry Geist
Here are the events this week! Good luck to our JH BB teams who start playing this week!
23 days ago, Timothy Vinduska